Put SoccerGolazo Headlines on Your Site

Make SoccerGolazo Your Own!

Copy the code below and paste it into your HTML and you can have SoccerGolazo LIVE on your site. 24/7. Just like that!

For instructions to edit the way SoccerGolazo will look on your site, check out the text below. Otherwise, just copy and paste.

Enjoy! Golazo! Golazo! Golazo!

Copy and paste code:

channel= displays SoccerGolazo Header – y for yes, n for no
num= number of articles to display – 0 for all, otherwise the number you prefer. 7 is default.
desc= the article itself – 1for entire description, 0 for no description , all other numbers for characters. default: 100
date= displays date of article – y for yes, n for no
targ= links will open in new window – y for yes, n for no

Stylesheet Settings:
flavor= none, nobullets, outlive, zanestate, marooned2, kp, plum
Or simply don’t paste link to stylesheet into your HTML.


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