World Cup Jerseys

mexico-jerseys-98.jpgSeeing the official World Cup jerseys for the first time is always a treat. Who could forget the Mexico 98 jerseys that sported a face. Or the Germany 90 pastel green patterned shirts.

Football kits are so treasured that the introduction of a new England kit is a huge media event that looks more like something from New York Fashion Week than from the Football Association.

And even though you might not be able to get those historic jerseys now, you never have to say, “why didn’t I get that Italy jersey from 2006?”

Here’s all the best from Germany World Cup 2006 and links to where you can buy them.

italy-jersey-world-cup-long-sleeve.gifItaly Jersey World Cup 2006 Long Sleeve

italy-jersey-world-cup.gifItaly Jersey World Cup 2006 Short Sleeve

france-jersey.gifFrance Jersey World Cup 2006

germany-jersey.gifGermany Jersey World Cup 2006

portugal-jersey.gifPortugal Jersey World Cup 2006

england-jersey.gifEngland Jersey World Cup 2006

argentina-jersey.gifArgentina Jersey World Cup 2006

brazil-jersey.gifBrazil Jersey World Cup 2006

mexico-jersey.gifMexico Jersey World Cup 2006

spain-jersey.gifSpain Jersey World Cup 2006

ivory-coast-jersey.gifIvory Coast Jersey World Cup 2006

Merchandise – World Cup Jerseys and Other Germany 2006 Merchandisegermany-jerseys-90.jpg


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