Euro 2008 Qualifying Matches/Results

November 13, 2006

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Tuesday, 14 November 2006

International Matches
Australia 1-1 Ghana
Wales 4-0 Liechtenstein

Wednesday, 15 November 2006

European Championship Qualifying
Belgium 0-1 Poland
Cyprus 1-1 Germany
FYR Macedonia 0-2 Russia
Finland 1-0 Armenia
Israel 3-4 Croatia
Portugal 3-0 Kazakhstan
Rep of Ireland 5-0 San Marino

International Matches
Albania v Congo DR
Austria 4-1 Trinidad and Tobago
Bolivia 4-1 El Salvador
Chile 3-2 Paraguay
Czech Republic 1-1 Denmark
Egypt 1-0 South Africa
Estonia 2-1 Belarus
France 1-0 Greece
Georgia 2-0 Uruguay
Holland 1-1 England
Hungary 1-0 Canada
Italy 1-1 Turkey
Ivory Coast 1-0 Sweden
Jamaica 1-1 Peru
Luxembourg 0-0 Togo
Malta 1-4 Lithuania
Morocco 6-0 Gabon
Serbia 1-1 Norway
Slovakia 3-1 Bulgaria
Spain 0-1 Romania
Switzerland 1-2 Brazil
Tunisia 2-0 Libya
Venezuela 2-1 Guatemala


3 Responses to “Euro 2008 Qualifying Matches/Results”

  1. jonny Says:

    Trying to find the result of the Malta v Lithuania result today seems like an impossibility. I searched about ten pages on Yahoo with no sucess, then tried Google, equally useless, now trying your site. This looks promising I thought, but how do I find something as simple as the result? What is the matter with these sites? Surely this can’t be an unusual request especially since Lithuania are now in the EU and many thousands of them live in the UK.
    Thank you for listening,
    Yours in utter desperation,
    Jonny B

  2. soccergolazo Says:

    Missed you by a couple of hours… lots of games today.

    A click on the “Euro 2008 Tables” link would have got you there.

    I usually wait until late to post the scores and match reports in case people are seeing matches delayed later in the day.

    Hope you check back and find this.

    There are links above that will always give you current scores at the BBC and a site called


  3. soccergolazo Says:

    Tried to email you this post but it was rejected by mail server.

    Malta 1-4 Lithuania

    37′ Lithuania Danilijavichjus
    58′ Lithuania Radzinevicius
    67′ Lithuania Tomas Danilevicius
    86′ Malta Agius
    90′ Lithuania Kavaliauskas

    You would think that draw with Italy would get Lithuania a little more respect as well 🙂

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