David Beckham, Updates on Contracts or Transfers

October 26, 2006

david-beckham-balls.jpgDavid Beckham has a lot to ponder at this point in his career.

With his contract in flux at Real Madrid, he needs to choose from his humbling options.

His first option is to continue to fight for a spot on a Madrid team that is riddled with talent, and rarely plays a standard 4-4-2. This one could see him spending his last few, possibly productive, years on the Real bench, being no more than a marketing tool.

His second option being a return trip to the English Premier League, where he is unlikely to find a Champions League contender interested in his services.

Or finally, he could make that long, one-way trip to the United States, where he can play in a sub-par league with half empty stadiums. After a few trips around MLS, the Beckham mystique would be gone and it would be very sad to see the one-time Champion of Europe taking free kicks on astroturf blanketed with American football markings.

The last option would surely be the end of his serious football playing days and the beginning of the acting career.

Assuming he still has fight in him, and assuming he does want to play for the national team again, his best option would be to head home to England, wait for the axe to fall on McClaren and hope he can find form that raises the likes of an Aston Villa to a European spot.

Otherwise, it could be free kicks for old-times’ sake when Real Madrid leads by a few goals and he subs-on in the 80th minute. He might get to touch the Champions League trophy again, but it’s a sad way to go out for a passionate player that still has a few years left to make a difference for a team on the fringes.

It all seems to come down to whether or not David Beckham really wants to play football again.

In all fairness, when you’ve reached the heights of superstar-dome that Becks has, it would be very difficult to leave the galacticos life behind.

But it is only going to become increasingly difficult for him to watch Real Madrid return to its former glory while he only plays a bit part.

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6 Responses to “David Beckham, Updates on Contracts or Transfers”

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  2. Gonzalo Says:

    It’s not so much that Real Madrid don’t play a standard 4-4-2, it’s just that Capello probably thinks Reyes and Robinho should start on the right wing ahead of Beckham. He’s just not flexible enough to be played anywhere else; he’s been tried in the middle and he’s just not got what it takes to perform in that position. There’s few better free kick takers or crossers of the ball, but you don’t build a team around those sort of talents. My guess is he’ll sign for one more year for Real and see what happens, as the other options are not all that appetising, but you never know…

  3. soccergolazo Says:

    Yeah, I agree that Reyes and/or Robinho should start, particularly Reyes. They were the “riddled with talent” part, I mentioned, although I still don’t really consider them direct competition for a starting spot, since both of them are more forward players. To me, it’s more that Beckham just doesn’t fit. But either way, whether it’s a 4-4-2 or a 4-3-3, it’s working. And even the hardiest of Beckham fans would have to think it foolish to undo the current success.

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  6. fred333 Says:

    Beckham has passed his prime and only came to the states for the money.

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