Didier Drogba Goal, Champions League Strike v Barcelona GOLAZO!

October 19, 2006

chelsea-soccer-ball.jpgDidier Drogba controls from Ashley Cole. Shakes off world-class defender Carles Puyol by backheeling to himself. Wheels, and fires a tremendous strike just out of the reach of goalkeeper Victor Valdes.

Chelsea 1, Barcelona 0.



3 Responses to “Didier Drogba Goal, Champions League Strike v Barcelona GOLAZO!”

  1. Calvin Says:

    Wat a goal by Didi Drogba!! It is certainly comparable to the goal he scored against Liverpool.. Not only the skill involved and also the cruicial-ness of the goal. He has once again managed to create smth out of nothing. The other players’ contributions are also not to be neglected as Michael Essien, Boulahroudz and Makelele also put in credible performances. They were simply everywhere and their work rate was frightening. John Terry once again showed why he was chose as England’s captain with his passion and leadership. Lastly, Mourinho was also crucial to Chelsea’s success with his constant motivation and support aimed towards his players. The way he managed to rally his troops to victory is not to be overlooked. Once again, congrats to Chelsea! Hail Terry, Hail the Blues and Hail the Special One!

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  3. tilen Says:

    drogba ti si naj bolši in mam tut od tebe dres si moj vzornik.ej dj a pošlš po naslovu tvoj avtogram pa če te bi lah da vidu u živo

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