Alonso Goal – Liverpool v Newcastle 20.09.06 Golazo!

September 21, 2006

liverpool-soccer-ball.gifWhen you score from inside your own half one time, you might call it luck.

But when you score from inside your own half a second time, it is a bonified skill.

The Xabi Alonso goal yesterday vs Newcastle was beautiful.

The Spanish international looked up and saw Steve Harper off his line and took aim. When the Newcastle keeper stumbled while scrambling back, the Liverpool superstar had done it again.

Golazo! Golazo! Golazo! Award for the great Xabi Alonso. (He assisted wonderfully on Liverpool’s first goal as well.)

Large Format
Google Video – Alonso Goal v Newcastle

YouTube – Alonso Goal v Luton 07.01.06

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Golazo! Golazo! Golazo! Awards


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