Setanta Sports Broadband Review

September 13, 2006

setanta-broadband-preview.jpgWhen I first saw an ad for Setanta Broadband I thought “this is a long-overdue idea.”

I had watched games on Liverpool TV a few years back, but the picture was so small and pixelized, it was hardly more than a glorified radio.

But I was still optimistic that Setanta Broadband would be better since the quality of streaming video has shot up in recent years. And since there are pay-per-view matches available, I assumed they wouldn’t be able to charge if the picture was crap.

So I signed up immediately. Or I tried to.

Since I use a Mac, the page on which you sign-up, annoyingly kept telling me I did not have the Windows Media Player plug-in. Which of course, I did have.

After trying Firefox and Safari, I pondered adding Windows XP to my MacBook and just booting up in Windows to watch the games. But I took a stab at using Netscape 7 for Mac, and lo and behold, I got the sign-up form.

From there, everything went smoothly.

Within minutes I was watching a replay of this year’s Carling Cup and the picture was fabulous.

In all fairness, I have the fastest connection you can buy from my service provider, but I was on my back porch using a wireless connection, so let’s call it a wash.

The next afternoon, I logged in for England v Macedonia and was happy to find that even at a high-traffic time, that an England match surely creates, the picture was perfect.

I watched the first half with only a couple of screen freezes.

The second half was a little dodgy, with the screen freezing ten times or so. Each time I would click one of the four “settings” buttons and it would buffer and play again.

But in between the freezes, the picture was nearly perfect. The freezes were really only a minor nuisance, but had I missed a goal during one, I might have been much harsher in my assessment.

On my TV, I have Setanta Sports through DirecTV and I am very glad to have it. My initial experience with Setanta Broadband was definitely a good one as well.

I believe I paid 10 US dollars or so for the game itself, plus the 12 dollars a month it costs to have the service.

All told, that was less than the 25 dollars I usually pay for each Euro Qualifier when watching on my TV through the satellite, aka the “old-fashioned” way.

If you’re worried about how it will work with your computer set-up, I believe you can sign up month to month, so you would only be out the 12 dollars if it didn’t work out. But definitely DO NOT TRUST ME on this. I never read the fine print, so read carefully or contact them before joining if you are worried about it.

Having made my disclaimer. I loved it! More games, Setanta People!

And finally, unrelated to the review: What a great time we live in, that you can be at work or school, and maybe pop in some earbuds and take in some of the best football in the world, live on your desktop… from the other side of the planet, man!

Click here for full screenshot – I did not reduce this image, but I am still not sure if it is actual size on all screens.

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3 Responses to “Setanta Sports Broadband Review”

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  2. Mr. Wang Kai Says:

    I know its over a year since you wrote this, but are you subscribed to Setanta Sports through DirectTV? If so, how much are you paying per month? I’m asking cuz I’m thinking of having it installed. Thanks alot! 🙂

  3. engdawork Says:

    please i like to wacth ero 2008 soocer game brod band

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