Ashley Cole’s Book

September 13, 2006

chelsea-soccer-ball.jpgIt is definitely starting to look as though Ashley Cole’s book wasn’t a very good idea.

“My Defence” is being serialized daily in “The Times,” which is making it seem as though Cole is holding a press conference daily to air his dirty laundry.

In context, maybe it’s not as bad, but each day brings a new complaint from the Chelsea and England defender, and it is not doing much for his likeability.

First, the Gunners treated him badly. Then Mourinho and Kenyon lied about him and his agent.

Now, in the latest whinging, Cole accuses the Arsenal squad of being lazy and unwilling to accept criticism, inevitably costing them a shot at the Premiership title.

Tomorrow’s Headline: Queen Costs Gunners Champions League Title – Ships Internationally

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