Boca Juniors Cemetery

September 8, 2006

boca-juniors-soccer-ball.gifIt’s finally here. The Boca Juniors cemetery opened on Thursday allowing die-hard fans of the legendary Argentina soccer club to be laid to rest along side some of the greats.

No price tag was mentioned, but authorities noted that players and managers would have first crack at the limited space.

Unfortunately, the cemetery is some 30 kilometers from La Bombonera, the famous stadium in Buenos Aires. Fans have requested for years that their ashes be spread on the hallowed grounds once graced by Maradona, but aside from its impracticality, it is apparently against regulations.

The cemetery which boasts a black stone water fountain adorned with the historic blue and yellow CABJ shield was blessed by a Boca-fan priest during the opening ceremonies.

When speaking of the cemetery, former Boca goalkeeper, Antonio Ubaldo Rattin, surely had the quote of the day, if not of a lifetime, “it’s so beautiful, you almost wish you could stay.”

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