France Italy Rematch Rekindles World Cup Feelings

September 7, 2006

When France and Italy took to the pitch Wednesday night, there was certainly a sense of occasion.

And as the national anthems played and the cameras panned down the line of singing players, I was so excited that only two months after the World Cup Final, we had a match of such epic proportions.

I had a feeling France would score early and that a sense of vindication would sweep through the stadium.

The French goal came 69 seconds in, and it definitely seemed more like a goal celebration from a World Cup than from a European Cup qualifier.

The goal stood even though the play was offside, but in all fairness to the official, it was one of those tough-to-call plays where the player goes back onside after initially being offside.

Nonetheless, the French outplayed the Italians for most of the match as the World Champions never seemed to find their footing after the early goal.

The 3 – 1 scoreline didn’t really do justice to a game that was well-played by both teams and was up and down the pitch throughout.

It seemed destiny that the French would exact their revenge on this night at the Stade de France. The same stadium that saw France’s greatest footballing triumph, the 3 – 0, 1998 World Cup Final win over Brazil.

It was nice to get that World Cup feeling back so soon after the tournament’s end.

Allez France! l’Italia chiamo!italy-soccer-ball.gif

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