European Championship Qualifying Matches

September 7, 2006

euro-2008-imageThe quick wrap on European Championship Qualifying.

England underwhelmed against Macedonia 1 – 0. For all the “new-look” England talk, the football did not look as good as it did exactly three years ago against the same team. Simply stated, this team just doesn’t stir the imagination about what could-be. I’ll keep looking, but I’m not seeing it.

Germany 13 – 0 San Marino. The best argument for a pre-qualifying round.

And how I wish I’d have posted my thoughts on Northern Ireland v Spain. I had a gut feeling this one might be something, just like my call on Germany v Ireland. A Healey hat-trick gives NI a 3 – 2 win. Good stuff for Northern Ireland, but it surely makes Spain the most baffling team in Europe.

And of course the marquee match of the night. France avenges their World Cup Final loss by dumping Italy 3 – 1.

The BBC has all the results here.

Next up, the Champions League. Good times, indeed.

BBC Euro Results
BBC Champions League

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