Lilian Thuram Humanitarian

September 6, 2006

I must be psychic.

As I blasted Lilian Thuram for being out of touch with football reality in yesterday’s article, I had the thought, “but I thought there was something I liked about this guy. What if he turns around tomorrow and does something great? I mean, I felt for him when he cried at the World Cup.”

Ah, the travails of writing.

Today, Lilian Thuram and French teammate Patrick Viera invited 200 squatters, mostly illegal immigrants, to the France Italy match. The squatters have been living in a gym since 17 August.

A wonderful gesture indeed, from the French internationals.

To make it even more endearing, the invitations apparently enraged right-wing politicians. But of course.

So today, even though I still disagree with his assessment that France outplayed Italy in the Final, I must say well-done Lilian Thuram. Joga Bonito.

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