France Italy Rematch Turns Nasty Already

September 6, 2006

italy-soccer-ball.gifThe war of words preceding the war on the pitch has heated up.

France’s Lilian Thuram was quoted as saying, “we should have won the World Cup, we were much the better team.”

Italy’s Gennaro Gattuso rebutted with “I know we usually complain after losses, but they do it even more. Italy is second to France in that.”

A wonderful sound bite from the fiery Italian midfielder.

Unfortunately for Thuram, he has now lost on and off the pitch to the Italians.

He’ll do well to avoid a third defeat tomorrow.

The old adage, “you learn more from losing than from winning” seems to be lost on the great French defender. His comments being not only unsportsmanlike, but also fairly far removed from reality.france-soccer-ball.gif

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2 Responses to “France Italy Rematch Turns Nasty Already”

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  2. […] France Italy Rematch Turns Nasty Already […]

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