Barcelona Jerseys Promote UNICEF

September 6, 2006

UPDATE 19.09.06 – I am trying to find where these jerseys can be purchased. This page will be updated when I find out. – Chris

The famous Barcelona Jerseys that have never promoted a product on front will soon sport the UNICEF logo and the words “Barcelona, more than a club, a new global hope for vulnerable children.”

Rather than receiving payment, the deal will see Barcelona FC contribute 1.5 million euros to UNICEF humanitarian projects.

The new shirts will be unveiled at Tuesday’s Champions League match with Levski Sofia.



5 Responses to “Barcelona Jerseys Promote UNICEF”

  1. Soccer Spot Says:

    This is fantastic and I can only hope that contributes to an overall understanding of refugee and humanitarian situations around the world. Kudos to Barca.

  2. soccergolazo Says:

    Yeah, it certainly makes Barcelona seem special.

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  5. In order to make this happen, Clinton signed legislation that made it okay for commercial and investment banks to do business together, removing the safety wall that FDR put up in.

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