England Andorra Provides No Answers

September 3, 2006

england-soccer-ball.gifEngland pummeled Andorra as expected Saturday afternoon 5 – 0.

And of course, England looked in fine form. All of Steve McClaren’s choices and formations are working perfectly.

Unfortunately, with no real tests on the horizon, we won’t truly know if this system works until England is trailing Portugal in Vienna or Zurich, or wherever, in the summer of 2008. And then it will be too late.

But I guess that’s just the way it is.

Let’s face it. England beat Argentina 3 – 2 in November and embarrassed Jamaica 6 – 0 in June before putting on a World Cup performance that was, to say the least, uninspired.

So we know no more today than we did yesterday.

Gerrard and Lennon both looked brilliant on the wing. And, of course Jermain Defoe proved he belonged at the World Cup, so he could have been sitting where Walcott sat; being the one pondering “why won’t Sven put me in? He liked me when he picked the squad.”

So the same questions persist: Is there a right-back in England not named Neville*? And can Defoe score against Portugal? And of course, if Rooney and Owen are well, will Defoe even be picked ahead of an English Christian Ceballos?

*No disrespect to Gary or Phil. Just an honest question to a coach bent on a “new-look” England.

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