adidas World Cup Soccer Balls

September 2, 2006

In these few hours between the transfer window closing and the Euro qualifying kickoffs, I have time for a puff piece.

And I may be alone in this obsession, but I love the footballs.

Sitting across the room, proudly displayed on the upper shelf is a replica adidas World Cup soccer ball. It is beautiful. So beautiful, in fact, that I have yet to take it out for a game of keepy-up.

My silver and red England World Cup 2006 adidas ball is still on that duty, although it is starting to show the wear of being left to the elements all summer.

I can’t resist buying them all. Pictured below is the official adidas match ball from World Cup 94 USA. Lest you think this is a new development.

As I purchased the Germany 2006, I said to my wife, “what about the gold ball from the World Cup Final?” And then just the other day, I saw you can pre-order them online.

I honestly don’t know if I’ll be able to play keepy-up with that wonderful reminder of this year’s fabulous tournament.

More about my sickenss later. But for now, here’s where you can get them as well as those promised pictures.


Memories of Romario 94… and Baggio


So Creamy and New is the 2006 World Cup Ball


The Gold adidas World Cup Final Soccer Ball – No Keepy-up For You, My Golden Buddy


Links To Balls:
Golden World Cup Ball and Other World Cup Merchandise
Team and Country Balls
Match Balls, World Cup, Champions League, Nike, etc.

Found this site after posting this article.
FANTASTIC SITE – World Cup balls all the way back to 1970! Even a 1930 ball!


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