Transfers Withdrawal Begins

September 1, 2006

The transfer window officially closed some 12 hours ago.

And now I sit staring at my lighted screen. Blinking. Clicking the Beeb. Click FoxSoccerChannel. Searching Google. But it’s done.

The frenzy has ended.

Everyone’s gone home but me.

I want to report an exciting and ridiculous rumor about Ronaldinho. Maybe Becks at West Ham to be part of the resurgence. Or Zlatan to Liverpool.

But alas, that is not to be.

I will say this; the Italian scandal was not good for Serie A, but it did wonders for dreaming about the possibilities. Of course, when Fabio Capello went to Madrid, we all kind of knew that would steal some of the thunder as a couple of the big names would go with him.

But the glass is definitely half full. Carlos Tevez to West Ham?! Even if it has a hint of larceny, it breathes some fresh air into the EPL.

And even though I like William Gallas and think he is a great defender, I am looking forward to Ashley Cole at Chelsea. I thought his World Cup performance was brilliant.

So even though I am missing all the drama, I can resume my life again and not have to take the laptop while shopping, just in case a deal gets done while my wife and I are buying shoes.

Bittersweet as it is, now I can sleep without feeling like I missed something.

See you in January.

England on Saturday and Argentina, Brazil on Sunday, right?


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