Carlos Tevez West Ham United Hammers Official Announcement

August 31, 2006

Not surprisingly, earlier today, the West Ham United website was “down for maintenance.” Read, “we are preparing for our biggest announcement in years.”

The Official Hammers’ website is back up and brimming with details about the deal that brought Tevez and Argentine and Corinthians teammate Javier Mascherano to Upton Park.

The excitement is palpable, as well it should be. What a fantastic injection into the Premier League.argentina-soccer-ball.gif

Read the whole story here:
West Ham Official Site
Official Site Article


5 Responses to “Carlos Tevez West Ham United Hammers Official Announcement”

  1. eeore Says:

    The only thing they are not saying is the transfer fee.

    And my bet is that this will only be the first of a number of big signings, since my money is on MSI buying West Ham.

  2. […] Carlos Tevez West Ham United Hammers Official Announcement […]

  3. soccergolazo Says:

    Hi eeore,

    I read that the fee will never be released. Which does kind of make you stop and try to figure out all the ramifications of them holding the players’ contracts and buying the team.

    My first thought would be conflict of interest for the players, but I guess if they are happy with the deal, who’s to say?

    I guess off the top of my head I can’t really come up with anything shady on the deal.

    I think you are right about the signings. And these two signings definitely makes it seem like MSI is very interested in the team.

    All exciting stuff, for sure. – Chris

  4. eeore Says:

    The more I look at this, the more I think it is a terrible deal for West Ham.

  5. soccergolazo Says:

    It definitely seems shady, but I can’t see any deal that has you getting two world class players as too bad. Of course, I grew up without any championships for teams I supported, so maybe I’m a little too “live for the day” about these things.

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