European Championship Qualifying – Real Games!

August 30, 2006


Argentina vs. Brazil – Best European Qualifier?

After our World Cup overload and then subsequent withdrawal, there are at last, some competitive fixtures to end the nearly two month lay-off.

Unfortunately, there’s not much in the way of excitement as the World Cup Champions Italy takes on Lithuania, Spain faces Liechtenstein, Holland squares off with Luxembourg, and France tangles with Georgia.

No disrespect to any of those underdog teams, but quite frankly, most of them probably don’t expect to win, so if you’re the big team, it’s just an excuse to put the coach on the rack.

Nonetheless, perhaps the UK offers the best of the bunch. For new-look England, there is not much in the works with a match against Andorra, other than the new look, but Germany vs. Republic of Ireland might give everyone something to get up for.

With the return of Duff, Given, Dunne, and Robbie Keane, maybe we’ll get to see a little more of the real Ireland, rather than what took place in last week’s 4 – 0 drubbing from Holland.

But of course the star of the weekend is in London England, at Arsenal’s new home the Emirates Stadium. Not the new-look England, but the two always-fabulous-looks, Argentina vs. Brazil. Don’t miss it on Sunday at 16:00.

You know, you have to feel cheated in South America. Players always leaving for the big money in Europe. No World Cups since 1978 (and the future doesn’t look so bright for any more soon).

And now, your two best teams play their friendlies in England. What next? The Argentine Clausura plays out in Japan.

There’s a very interesting article on this by Tim Vickery at the BBC. Check it out here.

International football is back! Don’t miss the friendly!

world-cup-final-soccer-ball-gold World Cup Final Ball – As Sweet As It Gets

UEFA – Official Euro 2008 Website


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