Neri Cardozo – Boca Juniors

August 28, 2006


Golazo! Golazo! Golazo! Award for Neri Cardozo

Sure Martin Palermo scored three in Boca Juniors 7 – 1 thrashing of San Lorenzo. But it was Boca number 19 slashing through the right side of the San Lorenzo defense that got your blood pumping.

When he looked to shoot in stride from thirty yards out, I drew in my breath and held. I exhaled and chuckled as the ball trickled lazily back out of the goal. 5 – 0 Boca.

Golazo! Golazo! Golazo! for Neri Cardozo.

Golazo is 5 minutes in.

Boca Juniors Merchandise


3 Responses to “Neri Cardozo – Boca Juniors”

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  2. Theo Says:

    Neri! I love Neri Cardozo! He has been my favorite player! His style is extraordinary!

  3. ***chamiss*** Says:

    sho soi chami de santa fe capital!

    NERI TE AMO!!!!

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