Thatcher Foul Justifies Expulsion

August 27, 2006

Ben Thatcher’s foul on Portsmouth midfielder Pedro Mendes was not only shocking, but his reaction afterwards was appalling as well. With Mendes down and out off the pitch, Thatcher wheeled on defender Glenn Johnson and appeared to spew “f*ck off, f*gg*t.”

A wonderful sentiment from a guy of which Harry Redknapp gushed “off the field, you could not meet a nicer boy.”

But in case you thought it was just a lad gone a little football mad, a glimpse into the video archives reveals some of Thatcher’s other wonderful performances, including a brutal two-footed challenge that looked like a career-ender, and a nearly identical forearm from a few years back.

When he kills someone, we’ll just have to say “he seemed like a such a good boy. He always helped Mrs. Chesternut with her groceries. A lovely lad indeed. Such a shame.”

Joga Bonita, English Football Association.

BBC Report


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