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Ashley Cole – Chelsea Defender At Last

August 31, 2006

The longest transfer story of the year finally wrote its final chapter tonight. Ashley Cole is officially at Chelsea and William Gallas is at Arsenal.

It seems this rumor started a lifetime ago, so it somehow seems appropriate that it would end in, literally, the final moments of the transfer window.

The deal sees Chelsea tossing in 5 million pounds with the French international and Jose Mourinho now has another stunning weapon in his arsenal.

The deal doesn’t look so bad for Arsene Wenger as well. The Gunners trade one international for another, pick up some mad money, and off-load a player that has seemed unhappy since the tapping-up bust up with Chelsea last year.

In case you missed it: Ashley Cole to Chelsea!chelsea-soccer-ball.jpg


Ashley Cole To Chelsea?

August 31, 2006

The Sun newspaper is reporting in its first edition that Ashley Cole for William Gallas and 5 million pounds is a done deal.

With only 32 minutes left, it seems the most talked about transfer may be done.chelsea-soccer-ball.jpg

Carlos Tevez West Ham United Hammers Official Announcement

August 31, 2006

Not surprisingly, earlier today, the West Ham United website was “down for maintenance.” Read, “we are preparing for our biggest announcement in years.”

The Official Hammers’ website is back up and brimming with details about the deal that brought Tevez and Argentine and Corinthians teammate Javier Mascherano to Upton Park.

The excitement is palpable, as well it should be. What a fantastic injection into the Premier League.argentina-soccer-ball.gif

Read the whole story here:
West Ham Official Site
Official Site Article

Jose Reyes Real Madrid Transfer Finally Happens

August 31, 2006

As suspected, Jose Antonio Reyes has been swapped for Julio Baptista. The Arsenal midfielder has long expressed dissatisfaction with his move to England and now, he is finally going home.

Julio Baptista was coveted by Arsenal last year, but the striker chose Real Madrid where he has seen limited playing time due to Madrid’s long list of talented forwards.real-madrid-soccer-ball.gif

Real Madrid Footballs and Merchandise
Jose Reyes May Switch With Julio Baptista
Carlos Tevez To West Ham
West Ham Logo on Tevez’ Website

West Ham Logo on Tevez’ Website

August 31, 2006

The West Ham United logo is featured prominently on Carlos Tevez’ official website as Carlitos’ club and international teammate Javier Mascherano join together in a move to England.

British-based Media Sports Investment, who own both players’ contract, are apparently financially involved with Corinthians as well as having a previous interest in West Ham United.

Go Carlos! Go Javier! Go Hammers!west-ham-united-shirt.gif

Link to Official Site:
Carlos Tevez To West Ham – Earlier Today – 31 August 2006

Carlos Tevez To West Ham

August 31, 2006

It’s not a typo. Allegedly, Carlos Tevez and teammate Javier Mascherano are going to West Ham United in England according to Carlitos’ official website.

I will post more as it becomes available.

Here is the text translated as best as I could and a link to it.

Official Site: Carlitos Tevez together with companion, Javier Mascherano, they sign contract to play at West Ham in England.argentina-soccer-ball.gif

Link to Official Site:

Thomas Gravesen – Real Madrid to Celtic

August 30, 2006

30 year-old Denmark midfielder Thomas Gravesen signs a three-year deal to play at Celtic Park.

Summer signings at the Bernabeu made him dispensable and it seemed unlikely he would see much playing time in Madrid.

Celtic boss Gordon Strachan looks to strengthen his side for his Champions League group which includes Manchester United.celtic-soccer-ball.gif

Jose Reyes May Switch With Julio Baptista

Jose Reyes May Switch With Julio Baptista

August 30, 2006

Arsenal’s Jose Antonio Reyes has made it perfectly clear he does not want to stay in England. Today, reports have him trading places with Real Madrid’s Julio Baptista.

Arsene Wenger has been after Baptista for quite some time and even though the deal seems plausible, Baptista was quoted just last week as saying he did not want to leave the Bernabeu.

Doesn’t anyone want to play for the Gunners? If Manchester United swoop for Tevez at the last minute, where will the north Londoners be then?spain-soccer-ball.gif

Carlos Tevez Arsenal Signing?

Juan Pablo Sorin – Villarreal to Hamburger SV

August 30, 2006

30 year-old Argentine international, Juan Pablo Sorin, will help shore-up the defense of the Bundesliga 3rd place finishers from 2006.

Looking to make a strong showing in this year’s Champions League, Sorin is added to other Hamburger SV signings, including Holland center-back Joris Mathijsen.

Villarreal performed brilliantly in last season’s Champions League, but missed a shot at the Final when Juan Riquelme was denied by Arsenal’s Jens Lehmann on a last minute penalty.

A seventh place La Liga finish for El Submarino Amarillo meant no Champions League for 2006 – 2007.

Villarreal drew Real Madrid 0 – 0 in their first match of this season.

Hamburger SV sits in 11th after drawing their first three.argentina-soccer-ball.gif

Carlos Tevez Arsenal Signing?

Ashley Cole Arsenal Chelsea Deal Sputtering – Surprise!

August 30, 2006

chelsea-soccer-ball.jpgThe deal that just can’t get done. This drawn-out transfer makes you long for the window to close Thursday night.

It’s ironic that the BBC page that has this story was blank when I attempted to read it at 8:34 BST. Numerous attempts failed.

It’s as though everyone at BBC Sports just said “Enough!”

Bravo Beeb! Bravo!

BBC Sports – Ashley Cole Drama Plays On

European Championship Qualifying – Real Games!

August 30, 2006


Argentina vs. Brazil – Best European Qualifier?

After our World Cup overload and then subsequent withdrawal, there are at last, some competitive fixtures to end the nearly two month lay-off.

Unfortunately, there’s not much in the way of excitement as the World Cup Champions Italy takes on Lithuania, Spain faces Liechtenstein, Holland squares off with Luxembourg, and France tangles with Georgia.

No disrespect to any of those underdog teams, but quite frankly, most of them probably don’t expect to win, so if you’re the big team, it’s just an excuse to put the coach on the rack.

Nonetheless, perhaps the UK offers the best of the bunch. For new-look England, there is not much in the works with a match against Andorra, other than the new look, but Germany vs. Republic of Ireland might give everyone something to get up for.

With the return of Duff, Given, Dunne, and Robbie Keane, maybe we’ll get to see a little more of the real Ireland, rather than what took place in last week’s 4 – 0 drubbing from Holland.

But of course the star of the weekend is in London England, at Arsenal’s new home the Emirates Stadium. Not the new-look England, but the two always-fabulous-looks, Argentina vs. Brazil. Don’t miss it on Sunday at 16:00.

You know, you have to feel cheated in South America. Players always leaving for the big money in Europe. No World Cups since 1978 (and the future doesn’t look so bright for any more soon).

And now, your two best teams play their friendlies in England. What next? The Argentine Clausura plays out in Japan.

There’s a very interesting article on this by Tim Vickery at the BBC. Check it out here.

International football is back! Don’t miss the friendly!

world-cup-final-soccer-ball-gold World Cup Final Ball – As Sweet As It Gets

UEFA – Official Euro 2008 Website

Ronaldinho and Rijkaard Possible Fallout

August 30, 2006

While it was originally publicized that Ronaldinho was left out of Barcelona’s La Liga opener because of a muscle pull, it has turned out to be for disciplinary reasons.

The Brazilian apparently missed a training session that got him in Dutch with Rijkaard again, having just last week fallen out before the UEFA Super Cup.

Speculation that coach and player clashed over a commercial endorsement the morning of the 3 – 0 loss to Sevilla only fuels the fire.

A moment of transfer madness has the rumor mills churning up a Chelsea swoop, but that truly seems beyond the realm of possibility.

One would think Rijkaard would need to be out of his mind to make any deal that sees Ronaldinho away from the Nou

David Trezeguet – Manchester United Possible Swoop for Juventus Striker – 30 August 2006
Carlos Tevez Arsenal Signing? – More Rumors – 29 August 2006

David Trezeguet – Manchester United Swoop for Juventus Striker

August 30, 2006

Yesterday I posted the rumor that Fergie was moving in for the French international, and today it looks very close to happening.

Sir Alex needs another striker and of course, David Trezeguet wants to join the biggest exodus since Moses took a few pals across the Red Sea.

The rumor is at 10 million pounds and Trezeguet’s father / agent is reported to have already met with Manchester United officials.manchester-united-soccer-ball.gif

Manchester United Might Swoop for David Trezeguet – 29 August 2006

Carlos Tevez Arsenal Signing?

August 29, 2006

UPDATE: TEVEZ TO WEST HAM Carlos Tevez to West Ham

Carlos Tevez has been linked with more teams that any player in recent memory.

The rumor mill in England has him a Gunner before the weekend Argentina v Brazil friendly at the Emirates Stadium in London. Apparently a mix-up that a transfer would be 30 million euros, not 30 million pounds, triggered Arsene Wenger’s “good-deal” alarm.

At the same time, in Brazil it is reported that Tevez’ agent is in Italy sealing a deal with Roma.

No mention of Manchester United.arsenal-soccer-ball.gif


Carlos Tevez Rumors 27 August 2006
Carlos Tevez Singing Footballer

Owen Hargreaves’ Agent Says Time Has Run Out For Transfer

August 29, 2006

The word from Owen Hargreaves’ agent, Roman Grill, is that time has run out for a deal to be done during this transfer window. Grill noted Hargreaves’ desire to play for Manchester United and optimistically holds out hope that that might occur in the future.

No other word on the alledged tirade directed at Hargreaves from Bayern chief executive Uli Hoeness. The disgruntled chief is said to have yelled at the England international:

“I am incredibly disappointed in you. You are prostituting yourself for Manchester United!”

Check back here for details of the signing.XXXXX


Bayern Ballack and Other Merchandise of “No Deals”

Owen Hargreaves Next Roy Keane
Bayern Digs in On Hargreaves

David Beckham Contract Update

August 29, 2006

Apparently, Becks has not yet signed with Real Madrid.

His spokesperson clarified that talks would begin in September.

Even though the spokesperson noted Becks’ happiness with the club, it does seem strange that Real president Ramon Calderon would claim “done deal” just yesterday.real-madrid-soccer-ball.gif


Real Madrid Soccer Balls and Merchandise
David Beckham – News Outlets’ Annoying Habit

David Trezeguet

August 29, 2006

Manchester United Might Swoop for Trezeguet

Although it appears to be complete spec, ITV reports Fergie’s possible interest in the French international.

And it’s not a terrible stretch to think that Sir Alex would like a replacement for Ruud Van Nistelrooy.

With Carlos Tevez rumors cooling as he returned to Brazil after his rocking night out, another door opens.manchester-united-soccer-ball.gif


Manchester United Footballs and Merchandise
Carlos Tevez – Singing Night Out in Buenos Aires
Tevez Rumors Run Wild
ITV Transfer Gossip

Owen Hargreaves Next Roy Keane

August 29, 2006

england-soccer-ball.gifAm I the only who loves this so much?

Owen Hargreaves, whipping-boy of the England faithful for the last four years, is now the golden child.

And this is all based on three matches! Two knock-out round matches, the group match with Sweden that was nearly a friendly, and eight minutes against Paraguay.

Don’t get me wrong. I love Owen Hargreaves. I sang his praises in Korea-Japan 2002. That’s why this is so fun for me.

And now this post can be found on the BBC 606 message boards:

“I don’t think anyone will be as good as Roy Keane was for United but Hargreaves could get close”

Keano?! Roy Keane?!! High praise indeed. High praise INDEED!


England Footballs and Merchandise
Owen Hargreaves – Bayern Digs In – “Owen Stays”

David Beckham

August 28, 2006


Becks Stays at Real Madrid

David Beckham has signed a two year extension with Madrid.

Of course it is necessary when speaking of Becks to make a point of his commercial value, so a note was made by the Real president Ramon Calderon that the signing was for “sporting reasons.”

The BBC was quick to point this out. As were they speedy in dragging out the tired old “Real hasn’t won a trophy in the three years Becks has been there.”

My God, how about every time Sir Alex Ferguson is mentioned, we note that since Becks was off-loaded to Spain, the Red Devils have garnered a whopping one trophy. The all-meaningful FA Cup.

Better yet; let’s bring that up every time we talk about David Beckham.

It’s called balanced journalism, Beeb.

BBC Sports Reports

David Beckham Balls and Merchandisedavid-beckham-balls.jpg

Neri Cardozo – Boca Juniors

August 28, 2006


Golazo! Golazo! Golazo! Award for Neri Cardozo

Sure Martin Palermo scored three in Boca Juniors 7 – 1 thrashing of San Lorenzo. But it was Boca number 19 slashing through the right side of the San Lorenzo defense that got your blood pumping.

When he looked to shoot in stride from thirty yards out, I drew in my breath and held. I exhaled and chuckled as the ball trickled lazily back out of the goal. 5 – 0 Boca.

Golazo! Golazo! Golazo! for Neri Cardozo.

Golazo is 5 minutes in.

Boca Juniors Merchandise

Didier Drogba

August 28, 2006


Golazo! Golazo! Golazo! Award For Didier Drogba

He was harangued, harassed, and otherwise hassled by Blackburn defender Andre Ooijer, but the Ivory Coast international shrugged off the challenge and scored beautifully into the top of the net.

For that stunner in Chelsea’s 2 – 0 at Ewood Park, Golazo! Golazo! Golazo! Award for Didier Drogba!

Chelsea FC Merchandise

Thatcher Foul Justifies Expulsion

August 27, 2006

Ben Thatcher’s foul on Portsmouth midfielder Pedro Mendes was not only shocking, but his reaction afterwards was appalling as well. With Mendes down and out off the pitch, Thatcher wheeled on defender Glenn Johnson and appeared to spew “f*ck off, f*gg*t.”

A wonderful sentiment from a guy of which Harry Redknapp gushed “off the field, you could not meet a nicer boy.”

But in case you thought it was just a lad gone a little football mad, a glimpse into the video archives reveals some of Thatcher’s other wonderful performances, including a brutal two-footed challenge that looked like a career-ender, and a nearly identical forearm from a few years back.

When he kills someone, we’ll just have to say “he seemed like a such a good boy. He always helped Mrs. Chesternut with her groceries. A lovely lad indeed. Such a shame.”

Joga Bonita, English Football Association.

BBC Report

Bayern Digs In On Hargreaves

August 27, 2006

owen hargreavesFrom being worthy of boos, to being the most important signing of the summer, Owen Hargreaves has gone from the bottom to the top in less than two months. (Although a couple of jeers from drunken England fans probably wouldn’t be considered most people’s bottom.)

For the Man United faithful still conflicted over the “Ruuuuud” and “booooo” scenario, comfort can be taken in that the “Oh Christmas tree” lyrics are perfectly suited to Hargreaves. How lovely are his branches?

Adding an air of suspicion to the proceedings, Bayern just signed midfielder Mark Van Bommel from Barcelona, but the German club’s manager Uli Hoeness cleared things up by stating, “Owen stays.”

Bayern: “Hargreaves Not Leaving”

Tevez Rumors Run Wild

August 27, 2006

UPDATE: Carlos Tevez Band

UPDATE: TEVEZ TO WEST HAM Carlos Tevez to West Ham

Carlos Tevez ArgentinaPhoto: Morning After Gig – “Smells Like Teen Spirit” Never Sounded So Good

The rumors are flying about where Carlos Tevez will land next.

Allegedly, Chelsea will swoop to pick up Carlito and then will put him on loan to French side Rennes.

If this rumor turns out true, and Man United are out, the Van Nistelrooy deal will official be re-classified a “gaff”.

Tevez Back in Brazil
Transfer Gossip

Tevez Prefers Singing to Football?

August 27, 2006

UPDATE: Carlos Tevez Band

UPDATE: TEVEZ TO WEST HAM Carlos Tevez to West Ham

carlos tevez rockerCarlos Tevez has fallen out at Corinthians and has not reported to training for days. He was recently seen singing at a Buenos Aires nightclub with a band comprised of his friends. No word about whether the band will make the trip to Europe should he end up overseas.

Full Story on Singing Striker